Tiny Homes Project Celebration

6-9PM, Friday, June 10, 2016

Tiny Homes Project Celebration
Free/All Ages
Live Music and Student Performances Onstage
Tacos from iSalud! Barrio Logan

Over the last six months, fifty-four ninth graders from High Tech High Chula Vista have worked with 14 artists from Space 4 Art to design and build a “tiny home” live/work unit for artists. 

The students will be celebrating the completion of this first full-size prototype at Space 4 Art. The event is free and open to all ages. In addition to student-led tours of the unit, there will be live music throughout the evening by Space 4 Art tenants, UCSD students, and High Tech High Chula Vista students, brief individualized design sessions led by architects and HTHCV students. 

The prototype is designed to be modular and moveable. After the event, it will be taken to the future site of Space 4 Art’s permanent home in Sherman Heights to become part of the future building. 

**There will be sign up lists on hand, at the event, for artists interested in renting a unit at the future site, so they can receive updates as the project moves forward. We will also be considering and reviewing artists to move into these units in the order in which they signed up.

High Tech High is a project-based learning school that focuses on building skills and learning through hands-on projects. Students learn to collaborate, develop the confidence to communicate their ideas, and connect with the community outside of their school. Space 4 Art is a nonprofit art center with the mission of building permanent affordable housing for artists in San Diego. The Tiny Homes project centers around the idea that art is vital to communities and that rent is often too high for artists to continue to live and produce work in them. 

High Tech High teachers, Regina Kruglyak and Britt Shirk, encouraged their freshmen to explore the "Tiny House Culture" and study the impact their individual housing choices have on the environment. 

This first section of the Tiny Homes Project was funded in part by a successful student-led Kickstarter campaign. Space 4 Art and the students hope to design and build more tiny homes in the future through grants and other local fundraising efforts.

Read more about the project here: www.sdspace4art.org/tiny-homes-projec